We offer the ranch for PHOTOSHOOTS!
see below for pricing}
Catalog & Look Book
Boudoir shoots
Eva Franco, Dress Designer -- Spring 2011 Line
all shot at The Condor's Nest Ranch
DJ Premium Ad campaign {all shot at The Condor's Nest Ranch}
here are just a few examples of our cool & fun shoots! 
The food network's "CUPCAKE WARS" winners -- who are sisters! came to the ranch for a photoshoot!  Shot by Kristin Rogers and Logan Cole... the sisters have their own shop now, called Suite 106 Cupcakery!
for more photos from this shoot please click on:  http://www.logancoleblog.com/suite-106-cupcakery-sisters/
The Condor's Nest Ranch PHOTOSHOOT RATES -- see below!
*please note the photoshoot rates does not include the photographer! and once booked is non-refundable
(no cancellation policy once booked)
Basic shoot
Basic Plus shoot $400
Fashion or Catalog Shoot 
Photo Workshop
$1,000 and up
1 photographer
1 couple or subject or family
(5-6 total people & $50 per person charge over 6)
Up to 3 photographers
up to 12 total on property including hair and make-up
$100 per person charge over 12 / $100 per extra photographer
1-3 photographers, plus assistants, stylists, hair & make-up, etc.
(up to 30 people)
$100 per person charge over 30/ $100 per extra photographer
Up to 5 photographers
(max of 25-30 people total on property)
$100 per person charge over 30
$100 per extra photographer
outdoors only
cottage and pool bathroom and kitchen available
use of cottage and pool bathroom & kitchen for changing/restrooms.
Use of house for kitchen and rooms for changing
Use of grounds and pool bathroom and pool kitchen, along with the house for kitchen/changing.
*by appt. only
3 hours included
$50 adn'l per
hour over 3 hrs.
full use of ranch grounds and props all over the ranch
*by appt. only
4-6 hours included
$75 per hour adn'l over 6 hrs
full use of Ranch grounds & props all over the ranch
*by appt. only
6-8 hours included
$100 per hour over 8 hours
full use of the Ranch grounds and props all over the ranch
  *by appt. only
6-8 hours included
$300 per adn'l hour over 8;
full use of the ranch grounds and props, animals, etc.
Please e-mail us at: Lisa@thecondorsnestranch.com  for availability and to schedule a photoshoot for your engagement or boudoir shoot! {*note: for our booked and confirmed Condor's Nest Ranch couples (brides & grooms} there is no photoshoot fee and your appointment will get priority!
photos above (and two below) by NE Photography -Nikki Evans!  {and the gorgeous models:  Justine Serrano (blond) and Natalie Brewster (brunette)}
See San Diego Magazine's EXQUISITE WEDDINGS   - 21 page spread and cover ~of 42 Glamorous bridal gowns -- on Newstands
FALL 2010  ~COVER & 21 pages inside
WINTER 2010  ~COVER & inside
and SPRING 2011 ~COVER & inside 21 pages, 42 gowns,   --all shot at The Condor's Nest Ranch! 
Please click on the links below for fun videos ~the making the "Matuse" ad campaign 
..... and Some links to some cool "look books" -- (the top two photos shown on this page) 
for DJ Premium 
Other fun photoshoots!  --also a great idea for a rehearsal dinner in the barn!!! 
-see below! 
~which is featured in GRACE ORMONDE's Wedding Style Tabletops Collection...
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